The Architecture and Anthropology Curiosity Collaborative is interested in the intersections of architecture, anthropology, urbanism, and culture, as well as the interactions of genes and memes, and their reflection in the built environment.

The AACC explores the intersection of architecture, anthropology and the built and natural environments. All work is driven by fascination, observation and curiosity, seeking to answer questions derived from undergraduate classes and discussions, as well as a desire to develop new avenues for exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The AACC functions through discussions, research, writings and the design and execution of self-directed projects and collaborations.

Efforts are made to reach out to existing research groups, university programs and experts in the respective fields in an attempt broaden our knowledge learn from the best.

The goal is to expand our knowledge of the relationship of architecture and anthropology, understand how knowledge of both can positively influence work in both fields respectively, gain valuable experience with interdisciplinary learning and working, and make connections with experts for future work and research collaborations.

AACC welcomes comments, ideas and submissions from anyone interested in architecture, anthropology, urbanism and related fields. Feel free to contact us.


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