Architecture, Energy and Radical Ecology

I have recently been in contact with a friend and colleague of mine who is currently pursuing his Masters in Architectural Design at The Bartlett School in London, England. Following his blog, as well as corresponding with him, has made me highly interested in his work, and motivated me to resume my own writings and explorations.

His project, a richly complex narrative of architecture, energy, empathy and ecology, addresses layer upon layer of historic and modern societal issues, including energy flows, infrastructure, power hierarchies, resource and labor exploitation, globalization, empathy, decentralization, individual subjectivity, technology and open-source networks.   For anyone interested in these topics and the possibilities of radical architectural and ecological shifts, I highly recommend you browse his writings, illustrations and animations.


For further insight into a piece of his project, watch this video summarizing Jeremy Rifkin’s “The Empathic Civilization.”

RSA Animate – The Empathic Civilization

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