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Non-Linear Graphic Narratives

For several years I have been interested in non-linear narratives and their application to architectural process, design and experience. While on a recent trip to Utah, I began to contemplate the disconnect between the way we experience and remember events … Continue reading

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Spatial Humanities

I recently came across an article in the New York Times about the relatively new field of spatial-humanities and its application of GIS to discover, interpret and broadcast current and historical information in digital, spatial maps to broaden understanding of … Continue reading

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Architecture, Energy and Radical Ecology

I have recently been in contact with a friend and colleague of mine who is currently pursuing his Masters in Architectural Design at The Bartlett School in London, England. Following his blog, as well as corresponding with him, has made … Continue reading

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Google Earth and Architecture

I recently came across the brief synopsis of a book titled Distributed Urbanism. The synopsis briefly discussed the author’s interest in how cities and technology are changing and how architects are responding. This quickly brought to mind many experiences while … Continue reading

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