Starlit Ruminations on the Eve of a New American Year: A Tale of Tapestries

Starlit Ruminations on the Eve of a New American Year: A Tale of Tapestries

Dusk draws near. Daylight fades from the Western sky, becoming indistinguishable from the city lights reflecting off of the tapestry of clouds. Music and cheers emanate from a nearby student house. A lone train horn carries through the still summer twilight. Solitary crickets drone away, perhaps in tune to the vibrant and abundant energy of the season. Poised on my porch, pen in hand, I reflect on the tapestry of life around me.

The city in the summer is rich with life. Trees and yards burst with bright green and the sweet shades of summer. Hot sun and summer storms present an ever-changing continuum of weather and sensory experience. The city, ever under construction, swells, grows and restructures under the constant pressure of urban evolution. A creation almost beyond imagining, hundreds of square miles altered and formed, destroyed and recreated by human hands.

Inch by inch.

Towers capable of supporting thousands of lives jut into the clear Colorado sky in defiance of gravity and physical forces. Each bolt, joint, panel, pane, brick, and column, from large to small, created by the minds, will and bronze of humanity, coalescing into an astounding testament to desire, ambition and time. Age-old waterways merge with urban networks, a tapestry of landscape and concrete, woven together into patterns never before seen.

The populace embraces the city of their creation, delighting in sights and sounds natural and fabricated. Rocky mountains provide a natural backdrop to carefully designed urban oases. Avenues frame views to the towering peaks and the structured public spaces accommodate a populace in revelry. Smells of blossoms and mountain air mix with farmers markets and food carts while a thriving arts community captures fragments of the world, preserving intricate slices of the interaction between humanity and the world. Thought about objectively, it is utterly fascinating and humbling to behold the tapestry we have created.

So here we are, a point we have been moving towards for 237 years. From my post on the porch the world seems bathed in a glow of golden summer light, the light of memory, dreams and nostalgia. Politics of the day and dreary global news fades away; opportunity, awe, and happiness remain.

Tomorrow begins the next stitch in the tapestry, another chance to create something anew, to build something unimagined. The city and its populace surge into the future, but not as an aimless ship lost at sea. One can design a space of delight, write an inspiring essay or melancholy ballad, capture the world in art and create relationships of substance. One can, each and every day, contribute to this incredible tapestry we are so lucky to be a part of.

As the night draws in, fireworks create an amazing tapestry of color across the endless sky….

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