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Surveillance, Alibis and Streaming Autobiographies

Artist Hasan Elahi developed a surveillance and security project he calls “Tracking Transience: The Orwell Project.” Inspired after the Department of Homeland Security erroneously detained him, the project compiles GPS data, photographs, purchase records and maps to present an up-to-the … Continue reading

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Olympic Surveillance

The CBC news has reported that Vancouver is in the process of installing hundreds of surveillance cameras in the downtown area in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games. 900 cameras will be installed in the next week to monitor crowds … Continue reading

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Surveillance Music Videos

In a creative example of how surveillance cameras can be used as a new media tool, Pitchfork Media has begun to film music videos using CCTV. The films capture the performers from a unique and voyeuristic perspective while also splicing … Continue reading

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The Blindness of Surveillance

This is an interesting article by Glenn Greenwald that looks at the effectiveness of the many surveillance measures employed by the government for anti-terrorism purposes. This is particularly relevant with the recent events on Christmas Day. It has been repeatedly … Continue reading

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CCTV Sci-Fi Fairytale

Austrian artist Manu Luksch recently completed and is now showing the movie Faceless, comprised entirely of CCTV footage from London. The UK Data Protection Act gives individuals the right to access personal data held in computer filing systems, including CCTV … Continue reading

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