Time Warp – 4 Years On

Hard to believe it’s been four years since the last post. It would seem we were gone, but we were here all along, moving inexorable into the future.

Many changes have come to pass, most of a positive nature, a few if which we will strive to catch up on in subsequent posts.

An anecdote of the Time Warp. I now live in Denver and regularly use the light rail as part of my commute. The situation arises in which you can miss a light rail by 30 seconds, resulting in a 12 minute delay. 30 seconds becoming 12 minutes is a bit of a time warp in itself, but I often wonder what situations I will encounter, or not encounter, based on that time change. I bicycle between the light rail and my house, and crossing paths in time and space with an inattentive driver can be serious. If I miss a train that could be the difference between crossing paths with that driver, or because of my delay, missing paths with that driver.

Or, perhaps just as likely, this thinking is the result of an overactive imagination.

In any case, we have survived this 4 year time warp and look forward to moving forward.

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